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Search Engine Marketing

There is no business is too big or too small to promote and advertise on the cyber world. When ranking sites on Google, MSN or YAHOO, the size of a company is hardly of any consequence. What actually matters that your business is getting more branding, visibility and is reaching out to a wider audience. Ekirti provides search engine marketing solutions for all kind of businesses.

Creating a website, optimise a few meta tags and submit your site to Yahoo, MSN and Google, if this is your concept of search engine marketing then you couldn’t be further from reality. These are just some of the very basic steps, and search engine marketing involves more. In order to get a good ranking on search engines, an agency is needed that is fully devoted to the task of promoting your website. This is where Ekirti steps in. we provide a full range of services that are needed to get top rankings on search engines. We at Ekirti develop campaigns that reach the widest base of your online target

We ensure that our services:

  • Help in driving more traffic to your website.
  • Increase traffic by converting visitors into leads and actual sales.
  • Reduce cost per acquisition.


Search engine marketing constitutes of search engine optimization (SEO), that helps in getting higher natural or organic ranking in search engines and Pay Per Click (PPC).

Our SEO features consist of the following features:

  • An indepth analyses and report of your website that identifies problem areas in your website. This helps in implementing corrective services so that the site is made search engine friendly.
  • The content, structure, HTML code and all the other nity gritty of your website is checked.
  • The on-page factors are analysed. Problem areas such as a badly written code, javascript, iframes, flash files are identified and rectified.
  • The off-page factors are analysed too. Off-page factors such as number of inbound links that point to your site are researched on and accordingly corrective measures are implemented.
  • Issues are prioritized according to the importance and severity of the problem.
  • Search engine submission
  • SEO content writing
  • Link building


Our PPC advertsing services help in showing your ads at the lowest possible cost per click to the widest audience base. It includes services such as:

  • Campaign set up
  • Basic keyword resaerch
  • Strategic bid set up
  • Ad copy writing
  • Google AdWords


All this results in a website that has an improved search engine visibility, has higher search engine ranking and has an increased relevant traffic that ultimately leads to sales.

We ensure that our wide range of services cover all the features of online marketing. For more information please contact us.