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Whether you are establishing your company’s web presence, migrating your current site to a more secure and stable environment, or mirroring an e-commerce business site, we have the facilities to support your needs. Pixel Savvy data centre operations can provide security and stability for your website.

Managing the infrastructure, support and maintenance of a vital business website can be both expensive and complex. Ekirti provides a full outsourcing solution through our fully managed hosting services.

Utilizing our hosting service at Ekirti provides your applications with a highly secure environment, complete with climate control, multiple power sources, redundant Internet connectivity to Vortech’s high-speed backbone, and 24/7 monitoring and management.

Benefits of Hosting Your Website with Ekirti

  • Maintaining your website is easier and faster.
  • Our designers and developers are intimately familiar with your site and can provide immediate assistance if required.
  • Minimize dependency on multiple service providers allowing better management of your system

Ekirti offers a variety of hosting packages with generous amounts of disk space and data transfer allocation. Our hosting packages are designed to bring you cutting edge services at a reasonable price.

Hosting Packages

Basic 50 Basic 100 Standard Premium Unlimited
50 MB Storage 100 MB Storage 500 MB Storage 1 GB Storage Unlimited File Storage
1 GB Data Transfer per month 2 GB Data Transfer per month 10 GB Data Transfer per month 100 GB Data Transfer per month Unlimited Data Transfer per month
1 FTP Account 1 FTP Account 2 FTP Account 10 FTP Account Unlimited FTP Account
1 Subdomain 1 Subdomain 5 Subdomain 10 Subdomain Unlimited Subdomain
Control Panel, Web Statics, Free Script etc. Control Panel, Web Statics, Free Script etc Control Panel, Web Statics, Free Script etc Control Panel, Web Statics, Free Script etc Control Panel, Web Statics, Free Script etc
1499/- p.a 2499/- p.a 4499/- p.a 7999/- p.a 4999/- p.m

Please feel free to contact us to establish which hosting plan best is suited to your company’s business needs.